Diets for Women – Paleo, Weight Loss & Health

At age 40, the weight was creeping up. Yes, there was stress in my life and some mindless munching. I’d tried LeanRunnerBean diets and calorie counting and was successful. The weight came off, but I was always starving and unable to focus on much else. Husband’s experience was much the same. Then Spy’s issues came to the forefront and the weight went right back on. And then some.

My joints started to ache. Enough so that I ended up seeing a physician about it only to find my Vitamin D levels were too low. Vit. D supplements helped. A lot. But it was a comment the Dr. made that made me decide to try going gluten free. I’d resisted, thinking some fad diet couldn’t really help Spy, but when the doctor mentioned that people with gluten intolerance often had trouble absorbing dietary Vit. D, I decided what the heck? What can it hurt?

And the cupboard cleaning began. I bagged and boxed up anything with gluten in it and moved it to the cellar. (Have you noticed that increasing grocery bill? I wasn’t going to toss anything. Yet.) Everyone went gluten free at home. I set about learning to bake gluten free only to quit in exasperation at the long lists of flours and extras needed to get something approximating bread. I turned to boxed mixes for bread and learned that Udi’s makes the best almost-like-real bread – but that it’s expensive.

I continued looking up gluten-free recipes and found Paleo. Sure, why not? We were almost there anyhow. What gluten-free items I’d already purchased stayed and were eaten. As non-paleo foods were eaten, I simply didn’t replace them. In the meantime, I started experimental baking with almond flour and coconut flour.

Within 3 days of the massive cupboard clean, my nearly constant heartburn was gone. After a month, my joints didn’t ache. And I’d lost 5 pounds without even trying. (Exercising 3 times a week (as always)  but no longer than 30-40 minutes. Plus the daily dog walk.) At the six week mark, Spy’s brain fog lifted and his skin was clearer. At the 2 month mark I was down 10 pounds. Here’s the best part: I wasn’t hungry all the time. No calorie counting, no restricting how much I ate. Just eating paleo and however much I wanted to feel full.

By now, husband was watching and slowly getting on board. His weight started dropping a few pounds at a time. He took on the couch to 5K challenge. He’s run before (military) but this time it came easily. When he plateaued, I suggested more  time lifting heavy things. And more weight came off. His blood sugar crashes slowly disappeared.

Over the next 4 months, the pounds fell away, bit by bit. And Spy was a new child.

I’m good now. I remember this weight from ‘before children’. One pants size. 17 pounds. From 25.7 BMI (overweight) to 23.3 BMI (normal) as calculated here. Best of all, I feel good. I have more energy and am in a better frame of mind.

Husband is still a work in progress. He’s close to goal and looking oh so much better 😉  And for once I can sit back and gloat because by eating paleo, I lost weight faster than him.