A quickie post. A past dinner meal.

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Pumpkin Spice Cookies


Fall is here. And pumpkin just seems to go with the weather. Plus I opened the can of pumpkin by accident and had to do something…

Here’s the result. They’re soft cookies, a bit like a muffin top in consistency. And they didn’t last more than three hours. Spy slid the last two right from under his father’s nose.

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Quail Eggs


Quail Eggs

Not so much a recipe as a review. We were shopping for odds and ends at Whole Foods last week when we stumbled across several unusual eggs: duck, ostrich, and quail. The temptation to try something different was too great, and we left the store with a package of fifteen quail eggs.

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This is a family recipe I’ve just adjusted. The recipe called for a jar of this and a box of that. But the ingredients in those items were far from paleo and/or contained some questionable additives. I hunted down what ingredients might be inside that box and jar and came up with this recipe.

There’s no photo because I missed my chance in the chaos. It was wonderful and, with all the family visiting, quickly eaten.

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Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake


Yes, I’m still here. The family is still paleo. That’s a little over one year gluten free and about one year paleo. Gluten free is sometimes all I can manage outside the house. We continue to rake in small, but noticeable benefits. Particularly Spy.

I’m not inventing recipes at the same pace I was before. We’ve found a core of recipes we use, and I’ve been exploring recipes by other paleo types. But I’ve accumulated a few more and have been asked to share. So here you go.

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Chocolate Chip Coconut Rum Cookies


So I caved. I added chocolate.

There’s a range for the amount of chocolate chips you can add here. If you want more of the rum flavor (or less sugar) add the lower amount. Or maybe try using pecans or macadamia nuts in their place.

These cookies were a hit with both the young and the old crowd – and gone in a flash. I was conscripted, the very next day, to make a second batch. Gone again in an afternoon. My husband declared them “the best cookies ever”. Happy Holidays!

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Brandy Apple Cranberry Cookies


A second cookie recipe not involving chocolate. Spy and Q are in agreement on this one. They both passed. But my husband took these into work and the adults loved them.

They’re a soft cookie and not overwhelmingly sweet. The taste of brandy is barely there, a hint only. As brandy is produced from distilled wine these cookies should be gluten free.

If you’d like them to be a little firmer, crisper or drier, I would suggest you try adding an additional 1/2 cup of chopped nuts or almond flour.

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Whiskey Pecan Cookies


A cookie born of necessity. In the recent past, my husband tried (succeeded?) to educate himself about Scottish whiskey for a trip we took to Great Britain. Turns out, he’s not the biggest fan. I detest the stuff straight. But the process of figuring that all out meant we were left with FIVE bottles of Scottish whiskey.

Then, on our trip, we discovered whiskey candy. Yum. But the candy thermometer and I have a nasty history. So I turned to cookies.

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Ginger Carrot Bundt Cake


I’ve been wondering what to do with my fancy bundt pan. I almost gave the pan away thinking ‘those days’ might be behind us. But then I thawed too many shredded carrots and decided to give this recipe a try.

I’ve been trying these last few months to convince the boys that dessert doesn’t have to involve chocolate. A tough sell. And then there’s this friend who doesn’t like chocolate. (I know!)  This cake has a moist interior and a crispy outside. Sweet, but not overly so.

That friend loved the cake. :)

Spy gobbled down two slices. Q didn’t like the ginger flavor and pushed his slice away.

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Sweet Pepper Chile


Before going paleo, neither boy would eat chile. Spy just didn’t like it, but Q would gag at the sight of the beans. This latest version was spooned into their mouths with alarming speed. Spy even went so far as to compliment it. Wow.

It’s a slightly sweeter chile than some, so perhaps that’s what appeals to the boys. But my husband and I really like this chile as well.

The chile peppers I used came from a large bag I purchased at an Indian grocery store. For me, this bag will last a long, long time.

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