Cupcake Holder

Here in Connecticut we’ve battened hatches and hoarded water. We’ve been told it’s likely we’ll lose power. While everyone else around us emptied the shelves of bread and milk, we stocked up on bananas and nuts and Larabars.

Despite already attending three separate Halloween events, Spy and Q are moaning about the potential loss of trick-or-treat night. Yes, they’re busy hoarding candy. No, they will not be eating it. You see, their orthodontist has a buy back program. $3.00 for every pound. They’ve grand plans and the storm is attempting to ruin them.

Spy has been handling the restrictions wonderfully. It helps that I made certain there would be a variety of gluten free treats for him to choose from. If they re-open school in time to have a classroom Halloween party, here’s how Spy’s homemade chocolate cupcake will trave with him.

Go Go Cupcake Holder

We’ve used it before for a few classroom birthday parties. So far, Spy is quite pleased to arrive with this in his lunch box. It takes away the disappointment of not being able to eat whatever treat the birthday kid has brought in to share.

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