This is a family recipe I’ve just adjusted. The recipe called for a jar of this and a box of that. But the ingredients in those items were far from paleo and/or contained some questionable additives. I hunted down what ingredients might be inside that box and jar and came up with this recipe.

There’s no photo because I missed my chance in the chaos. It was wonderful and, with all the family visiting, quickly eaten.


1 large brisket

1 pkg dried apricots, halved (about 20 dried)

5 onions, chopped

2 boxes Pomi chopped tomatoes (26.46 oz each – there’s room for more or less here)

2 Tbsp olive oil

3 Tbsp honey

2 Tbsp basalmic vinegar


1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp ground cloves

1 tsp ginger

3 tsp parsley

2 tsp onion powder

2 tsp tumeric

2 tsp salt

½ tsp ground pepper



Place brisket in a crockpot. Mix everything together and pour over meat. Cook on low all day (12+ hours).

Alternatively, place brisket in a large pan, add sauce, and cook at 350F for 5 hours or until the meat is tender.

*This recipe tastes even better the next day.


2 Comments  to  Brisket

  1. Mercy says:

    This looks great, but could you be more exact about what a large brisket would be in terms of pounds, even approximately? Thanks so much.

  2. Karo says:

    You had some very good points. Growing up in South Texas, I thouhgt the only wood was mesquite, but have since learned that there are other good choices out there. Post oak is really good if you can find it and that’s what the Big 3 in Lockhart (and other places use). Pecan is nice as well. Cherry and apple both go well with chicken (and fish) and yes, chicken is acceptable bbq. But brisket is king. Enjoyed your post.

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