Quail Eggs


Quail Eggs

Not so much a recipe as a review. We were shopping for odds and ends at Whole Foods last week when we stumbled across several unusual eggs: duck, ostrich, and quail. The temptation to try something different was too great, and we left the store with a package of fifteen quail eggs.

Here’s Spy and Q checking them out before cracking:


They cracked a bit like biting into a cherry tomato, the contents squirting everywhere.


Oddly, the inside of the shells was a touch blue.


We wanted to know how they tasted compared to chicken eggs and so settled for a simple scrambled egg breakfast. There was no eggy smell and they were incredibly creamy. Spy and Q gathered their courage and sampled the small amount on their plate, declaring them, “Better than regular eggs!”


Though given how fifteen quail eggs divide between four people, I’m quite certain we won’t be eating these with any regularity. I can, however, imagine how incredibly creamy a custard would be if one were to use entirely quail eggs.






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3 Comments  to  Quail Eggs

  1. Interesting post. I have seen quail eggs at a Farmers Market once and was curious. Thanks for your take on it!!!!

  2. Mita says:

    I understand quail are fairly easy to keep for eggs. Maybe there are less restrictions on keeping them in some areas that there are for chickens. Worth looking into.

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